We are a young, energetic Hungarian team. Our firm’s main goal is to produce cold-pressed vegetable oils in perfect quality.

We produce our oils without any additives or preservatives, through cold pressing, a clean and environmentally friendly technology. During cold pressing, we only use a mechanical process to extract the oils, so that the precious content qualities of the seeds will not be damaged and the unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins will not dissolve, but strengthen our health or nourish our skin.

We find it important to use an environmentally conscious, “zero waste” technology, which means that we put in use all the byproducts generated during the production. We process all parts of the raw material we receive. Our products are mainly used for food, but are also ideal as animal feed as well as for cosmetic purposes.

We are constantly developing our press technology to be able to offer a more diverse range of products and the best quality for an affordable price. Today, we use 18 types of seeds to press oils, prepare flours, seed creams and cosmetics. Our main product is still grape seed oil, of which we also produce individually selected varieties from diverse Hungarian wine regions. We package our oils in dark-coloured bottles, helping the long-term preservation of the outstanding quality. We also attach great importance to purchasing our raw materials from Hungarian suppliers, if possible, thereby contributing to the development of local economy.

Our mission is to promote healthy eating. Our products have high nutritional value, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

Please visit the Facebook site of Grapoila for the latest news and for the newest recepies.

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